Comfortable Kiev apartments for daily rent in the very centre of Kiev (Kyiv). Kiev apartments for daily rent are an excellent money-saving alternative to expensive Kiev (Kyiv) hotels. All apartments are company owned and completely refurbished. Kiev Apartment Service Helpdesk is open 24h a day, 7 days a week. Renting an apartment in Kiev on a daily basis offers an unparalleled level of flexibility compared to Kiev hotels.

Apartment in Kiev for daily rent

Kiev Apartments Service - great alternative to state-run Kiev hotels

Accommodation in the centre of Kiev in the fully furnished apartments is a competitive alternative to state-run Kiev hotels. We offer completely serviced apartments for daily rent at prices at least 40% lower than in Kiev hotels. Our luxury apartments in Kiev allowing you to explore the reality of a Kiev lifestyle with all the facilities that you could expect and desire at your door step.

Our exclusive apartments are located in the centre of Kiev , in the heart of downtown. All of our serviced apartments are situated in convenient locations close to shops, restaurants, parks, museums, galleries and many other Kiev attractions. This is without doubt one of Kiev 's prestigious locations.

We shall always be happy to have you as a guest whenever you find time and opportunity to visit Kiev and do our very best to make your stay with us feel as if it were at home!

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Аренда Квартир. Апартаменты в Киеве посуточно.